About the Writer

Hi! I’m Rebecca.


Rebecca McCusker cut her teeth on Miami University’s satirical newspaper, called “Amusement”, where she primarily wrote movie reviews. She then moved to Columbus, where she worked for City Scene Magazine as a reporter and photographer, and established a city-wide writer’s workshop called “Prosa: Workshop for Writers”.

Rebecca has extensive experience working for large and small companies alike. She worked for Nationwide Insurance as an article writer, she worked for Abbott Nutrition as an editor and Copy Manager, and she worked for CWI Gifts as a Creative Coordinator. She’s managed company-wide blogs, SEO for entire companies, and acted as a social media director.

She has been freelancing on the side for over a decade, writing feature articles for Nanny Magazine and Erie Drive, and working on Marketing Copy for small agencies around Columbus, Ohio.

Some Rebecca-tastic Facts

  1. I live in the Ohio countryside with my husband Charles, our three cats (plus one cat that came with the property), and our 2 Australian Shepherds.  Chickens are next.
  2. I’m in an all-female folk-rock band called Linden Hollow, and we just released our first album, titled “Luna”. Follow us on the facebooks! 
  3. I trained in opera for five years and I still can’t roll my tongue like a real Italian.
  4. I have lived in Florida, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. (‘Lil Rhody is my favorite, but Ohio is cool too.)
  5. I teach music to our nation’s young. Check out the other half of this business, called Berry Patch Studio. 
  6. I’ve been writing since I was 6 years old. My first story was about a dog who accidentally poisoned himself with a batch of lemonade. Riveting stuff.
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