The Seven Principles of Design: Harmony

Humans naturally try to draw connections with what they see and our brains yearn for order and clear relationships. This natural process is called Gestalt, and it is what makes Harmony so

important when it comes to creative expression.

Harmony happens when all parts of a visual image relate to and compliment each other. A house can feel “put together”, a room can have a sense of belonging because of its sameness in the décor. When everything flows and works together, it makes the viewer feel pleased.

In design, harmony is achieved through repetition and the use of rhythm through patterns. By repeating a pattern, an image comes together. A room feels “pulled together” because of the repetition of shape and color. It’s not just patterns that achieve harmony, however. Harmony can be achieved through any artistic element that is repeated in order to relate with another part of itself. You wouldn’t put a black leather modern sofa in a space that is supposed to reek of French Country. That would feel out of place. In order to achieve harmony, sameness of an idea must lead to continuity in a space.

Designers who exceed in Harmony are ones who understand the

relationships between elements. There must be a sense of order and unity between everything in the image. Harmony makes the

viewer feel completed, and it leaves them without the bothersome feeling of being unresolved. So, whether you’re trying to create a

beautiful painting or a comfortable home office, it is important to feel harmonious.

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