The Seven Elements of Art: Form

Form is closely related to shape, except the main difference is that Form is three-dimensional, whereas shape is only two-dimensional. A square is a shape, but a cube is a form. A triangle is a shape, but a pyramid is a form. Add dimension or volume to a shape, and voila – you have a form! The five are… Cube, Sphere, Pyramid, Cylinder and Cone.

Forms may also be free-flowing and organic. Think of a form that was created by nature. A flower is a free-flowing form, and so are you! You might not be a cone (let’s hope not), but you are a three-dimensional shape, making you a form.

In order to experiment with Form, trying making our own petulant light out of a sculptural trashcan, by simply drilling a hole through the bottom. Spherical forms can add interest to a space by adding depth and volume.

Form is always a good way to experience art slightly differently, by bringing the shapes right off the canvas and into your home!

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