Business Suits, Laptops, and Electric Guitars

The new Music, Media and Enterprise minor gives Ohio State Students something more to sing about.

Written September, 2012

Zack Cramp has been in a rock band since high school. He rocks out the bass with his band called “The Alien Orders” every Friday, and his humorous lyrics put smiles on the faces of his audience. He is a business major at the Fisher College of Business, and Ohio State has recently given him a great way to keep music in his life.

The new Music, Media and Enterprise minor, implemented last spring, concentrates on preparing students for the business world of music with its ever-changing landscape due to technologies such as the Mp3 and the internet.

Zack, 20, who is also the President of the Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA), says that

the program is one of a kind. “Coming into college, I was looking for a school with a Music Industry major, but those schools were too expensive,” He says, as he toys with his iPod across the table, “This minor really got me interested because I can learn the music industry, pay less tuition, and stay closer to home instead of having to go to Tennessee or something.”

This minor is one of few of its kind in the United States. It combines studies in Music, Business, and Communication to better prepare students to work successfully in the world of culture and media. With the industry of music

constantly changing, it is harder as ever for students to feel prepared as they are plunged into the workforce. This minor was designed to fix all that.

“Before this program, we didn’t have anything to prepare students for the modern world of the music industry,” Says Mark Rhubenstein, an instructor within the minor, “Students kept bouncing around between business, music, and communications, so we figured we would do something about it.”

The students agree that the minor will keep them up to date on the ever-changing industry of music. Joseph Hribar, the Vice President of the Musicians Collective at Ohio State (MCo) and a junior on a pre-med track joined the minor

because of his interest in music. “We have learned about the growth of the music industry from Bach to today, and it’s kind of the point of the minor to keep us ahead of the ball game,” Says Hribar, “They’ve been talking about putting together a recording studio for the jazz combos, string quartets, and MCo, and that would give a lot of students experience recording different types of music.”

Wherever a student wants to go with their life, they can always keep their love of music close. “I just didn’t want to be another ‘Dunder-Mifflin’ marketing sales guy,” Says Cramp, as he laughs along with Hribar, “This minor is definitely keeping me on my plan.”

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